Tuesday, 14 February 2012

#8 perkahwinan impian

ahem! wedding dream? the theme? naa..i dun think i have any,i dunno why.. :)

too early to think about it? not reaally too..everyone have dream and should have one..but..when it comes to wedding theme or wtsoever,i cant think even a little..what come across in my mind just ordinary malay wedding..a very simple one..very simple..and i dun think am gonna bersanding as well..i dun want.. yes..i've made up my mind,i dun want.. :) may Allah make this decision stay,i mean what i say here,am gonna make it sanding sanding,Future Hubby..we can save some money there and use it for future..

yes..future is much more important..buat ape nk grand kalau hutang after kahwin keliling pinggang..adooii..cant imagine.. -.-''

yes..people said dream is free,so what the hell,dream laaa dun be afraid..

safe and sound.

hahaha..yes yes,dats true,people...we have privillage to dream what we want to dream,this is my dream..mih mih mih.. :P

whatever it is,kehidupan selepas kahwin dat matters.. :) being bless by Allah,both families and live happily without hatred..

P/S : Dear Sayang,if can i nak  our wedding ceremony  must have roses,no matter what colours :)

semoga berbahagia,all :)

#7 binatang untuk dijadikan pet :)

well,i guess bukan untuk dijadikan,but it's ALREADY is and i dun think am gonna keep another animals cz i really truly am love this creature and i will never cheat on them..i promise! (^_^)v yes..before this i once adopted a,i mean a pair of tortoises but it wasnt last long.. :) finally i sold them to one of my mum's friend..not really sold,i gave them,but that aunty gave me some amount of money *kaching!*

well..this is my one and only baby that i would like to and i already have one as pet.. :)

banyaaak kan? fyi,the kittens in that box tu ALL dah mati :( am sad! trully very much sad cz they soo pretty..yang tggl just two kittens kt bawah skali ni.. :') i really love them..i hope they can grow well..they are having flu you know? hari tu bawak pergi vet..hope they get well soon..amin. :')

p/s : these two kittens love watching tv tau..hihi.. ^^v


Friday, 10 February 2012

sweet apology.

Hey,ya i know maybe some of you being annoyed with the entries *Examination ni..2/3 entries per supposed to be an entry/day ryte? :) but..well,am chasing the week,wednesday nak balik usm,for sure malas nak up kan entry kan plus kekangan masa.. dats why laa.. hihi

Till here,

nah chocolate for you,readers :)

#6 lagu and the mood :"

for you,Monsieur.

have a safe journey,awak
kalau ada jodoh,kita jumpa lagi *bow

#5 lain daripada lain?

what makes me different? :)

i am Nurul Sakinah Nasaruddin,being born from a beautiful,intelligent,strong,25-year-old woman after being in her tummy for three trimester.. :)
Born at Sg.Petani,Kedah at 18th of  November 1990 with weight 2.9kg :)

My dad is Nasaruddin bin Nordin and My mum is Nazarul Aini Mohd Nayan

identity card 901118-02-xxxx
matric card 105724

Staying at Teluk Intan,somewhere at Padang Tembak,
have 3 handsome brothers called Arif,Fawzan and Irfan

i guess,those evidence are clear enough to show that i am way toooo different with all of you :)
If same,You are my twin brother/sister then! hey welcome home! :P

#4 gambar kawan kawan baik saya yang saya sukaa !

3 manusia kegemaran saya sepanjang hidup mwa ! :*

kawan kawan dari sekolah rendah and menengah.. :)

friends at matric :)

friends at usm :)

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

- Anais Nin