Thursday, 9 February 2012

#2 movie kegemaran

well hello chums! am back after an hour rest,maybe? hihi..

my spirit to write is like bubble coming out from liquid that already mixed with what-stuff in science experiment..bloob blloobb.

okay,again,sorry for my crapping..well..i love to drag things up before come to the exact point,i guess all bloggers *oopss not all yaa*  like that kan kan? *baik mengaku! :P

okay..need to write in the speed of light as The Madam,ask me to goreng keropok after this..woosh!

my favourite  movie is *drumroollll,babeyh! *

V For Vendetta !

this movie is being introduced by Mr Aizat once upon a time dulu..*erk! then,this movie getting recommended more and more by people during "Bersih" thinggy happen once upon a time dulu juga..yaa..time tu,my heart pounding like a cow trying to get out from my chest to watch this movie,finally on very 31st january 2012 *whoww! i remember the date 'jumpingjumping'* i manage to watch it..yayyarh! :)

it's kinda inspiring story..i love it,suit with my into politics so much.but am not involve with those things.i prefer to be an observer..not coward just,i prefer that way. :) maybe one day,i'll boost up being a politician ke..but hell no la,my dad for sure resist gila gila punya! i tell you,pals!,i recommend you,the readers, V for Vendetta 

happy watching guys,

but before i end up this entry,my honour to share the trailer of this movie

his speech :
since i cant upload his speech why not u klik here,xlama pun,1:41 minit sahaja :)