Thursday, 9 February 2012

#3 idea untuk temujanji pertama yang sempurna.

ahem! well am here for third challenge. :)

*humming* well..i dunno how to answer this..where ek? *humming again*

*light bulb!*

well..i guess,the perfect place for my 1st date is at the Tree House..yes! finale,terkeluar pun..hihi

yes..why tree house? cause i love nature,you know.. i love surrounded by nature and be in it.. especially the green nature.. :) i dun like beach dat much,cz..i dunno..not my passion and maybe it's hot kot.. plus,there's a lot of people there at the beach :) so,i guess,my 1st perfect date with my husband is at The Tree House..can you climb the tree Honey ? hihi..BUT..yes there is a big BUT there.. :) i want it on the tree that is not toooo tall cause i am acrophobia type of person.. -.-''

i want it to be like this :

nice,aiyte :)

nanti kat atas tu,i am gonna cook for him,or before we go there,i might have prepare some foods such as sandwiches ke,kek batik ke,kek choc ke,bihun goreng ke nuget,hotdog,the lists of foods are ongoing..and the most important thing,am the one who cook all the stuffs! i'll ensure that..deliciasas or not,you have to sumbat them in ur tummy Honey :) *am starving actually now..hiks!* second dream or idea of perfect 1st date is at nursery..YES,nursery with some kids in there..playing around me and the Honey :) i love that environment and i love kids especially the babies..weird huh date at nursery? hihi..well..not calang-calang nursery la i nak.. nak yang macam ni..please note,The Honey :) kan? kan? aww.. :) dah berangan dah ni..haha.. :P

am waiting for you el Prince,patiently..doesn't matter you come to pick me in bright-dazzle-shining-armour or in aluminium foil,i am gonna ride the horse with me up cepaaaat! hahaha! :P 

Till here,

salam :)

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