Tuesday, 14 February 2012

#8 perkahwinan impian

ahem! wedding dream? the theme? naa..i dun think i have any,i dunno why.. :)

too early to think about it? not reaally too..everyone have dream and should have one..but..when it comes to wedding theme or wtsoever,i cant think even a little..what come across in my mind just ordinary malay wedding..a very simple one..very simple..and i dun think am gonna bersanding as well..i dun want.. yes..i've made up my mind,i dun want.. :) may Allah make this decision stay,i mean what i say here,am gonna make it sanding sanding,Future Hubby..we can save some money there and use it for future..

yes..future is much more important..buat ape nk grand kalau hutang after kahwin keliling pinggang..adooii..cant imagine.. -.-''

yes..people said dream is free,so what the hell,dream laaa dun be afraid..

safe and sound.

hahaha..yes yes,dats true,people...we have privillage to dream what we want to dream,this is my dream..mih mih mih.. :P

whatever it is,kehidupan selepas kahwin dat matters.. :) being bless by Allah,both families and live happily without hatred..

P/S : Dear Sayang,if can i nak  our wedding ceremony  must have roses,no matter what colours :)

semoga berbahagia,all :)

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