Thursday, 9 February 2012

#1 lagu kegemaran :)

ahem..feeling so very ecstatic that I clicked "new post" and typing the title..hahaha! boo! xD *rolling on the flooor laughing like a mad wizard!* boo yeah!

okay..enough enough..lets proceed to our title okay? stop dragging things up,mademmoiselle..
well..*humming* as a person that love nearly all the songs that she've heard it's kinda tough for her to detect or identify and magnify and elaborate whats my favourite answer or to accept this ultimatum,i have to decide what's my favourite song.. *drumroll*

the winner is... *drumroll lagi.. :P *

Martina McBride-My Valentine

why? cause the lyrics is so deep. 

*slashing the #1 challenged! yayyarh! :)

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