Tuesday, 14 February 2012

#7 binatang untuk dijadikan pet :)

well,i guess bukan untuk dijadikan,but it's ALREADY is and i dun think am gonna keep another animals cz i really truly am love this creature and i will never cheat on them..i promise! (^_^)v yes..before this i once adopted a,i mean a pair of tortoises but it wasnt last long.. :) finally i sold them to one of my mum's friend..not really sold,i gave them,but that aunty gave me some amount of money *kaching!*

well..this is my one and only baby that i would like to and i already have one as pet.. :)

banyaaak kan? fyi,the kittens in that box tu ALL dah mati :( am sad! trully very much sad cz they soo pretty..yang tggl just two kittens kt bawah skali ni.. :') i really love them..i hope they can grow well..they are having flu you know? hari tu bawak pergi vet..hope they get well soon..amin. :')

p/s : these two kittens love watching tv tau..hihi.. ^^v

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